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We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can arise that you may need to pause your mentorship package. We offer the following pause policy:

  • If your mentor wants to pause:

    • If your mentor is unavailable, they may choose to pause the package for a maximum of 15 days for packages with a duration of 1-3 months. For packages exceeding 3 months, mentors may pause for a maximum of 30 days, but only up to two times throughout the duration of the package. This pause option is intended for emergency situations. During the pause period, communication with your mentor is still possible through chat to ensure a smooth resumption of the program upon their return.

  • If you want to pause:

    • If you want to pause the package for emergency circumstances, you can pause the package maximum of 15 days for packages of 2-3 months. If the package duration is more than 3 months (4,5,6), the mentee may pause for a maximum of 30 days, but only up to two times during the package duration. ( Mentee cannot pause the package in the last 7 days of the package end date)

Please note that pausing the package is subject to approval by Preplaced, and must be requested in advance. The pause period will not be counted as part of the package duration. If the pause is approved, the remaining package duration will be extended by the number of days paused. If the mentorship package is canceled before completion, there will be no refund for the paused days.

We hope this policy provides you with clarity and transparency about our pause process. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Utkarsh Soni - at +916260915622.

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