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Our package completion policy states that the program duration for the package you have purchased with your mentor begins from the date of your first booked session.

For Example, if you have purchased a package on the 10th of March and have scheduled your first session on the 15th of March, your package duration will commence from the 15th of March and will end on the 15th of April for a single-month package.

The same policy applies to multi-month packages. It is important to note that the completion of the package refers to the fulfillment of the program duration, as specified in the package purchased.

Package Completion Policies:

  • If the package expires and you wish to continue, they can renew it by making a payment for another month or multiple months based on the package selected.

  • Please note that the package will not be extended under any circumstances, including if the mentee scheduled fewer sessions or if the progress was not up to the mark.

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